Heritage Health Supports Corona Virus Efforts

I. In the unfortunate circumstance your community experiences a COVID-19 event, do you have a communication strategy in place? 

How you manage a COVID-19 event will have far-reaching impact for residents, patients, families, staff, and your community. Having a solid communication plan in place will assure an organized response and will effectively reduce confusion, build trust, and – most importantly – keep everyone safe. 

HealthPRO® Heritage shares this Communication ToolKit created by public relations specialists with deep experience in the healthcare industry: Jarrard, Inc.

II. In response to the COVID-19 crisis, several important updates from CMS and the Department of Health & Human Services were posted last weekend. HealthPRO® Heritage’s COVID-19 Task Force immediately released summaries about the updates (waivers of the 3-day stay & the 60-day wellness break). 

Clinical Strategies subject-matter experts, Kristi Smith & Elisa Bovee, provided some much-needed perspective and interpretation of what these new changes mean for patients, staff, and your IDT’s processes.

Please ensure Administrators, DONs, MDS & Rehab Leaders receive this information! 

Or listen to the accompanying podcast here.

III. Finally, I wanted to be sure to share the link to HPH’s COVID-19 Task Force’s Resource Page. Feel free to click below my signature to access this wide array of materials that is updated almost daily.

We will be coming out with additional resources presently around Resident Engagement, with no-charge recorded programs. I will be sure to share these as soon as they are available.

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